Fumes and cyberpunk vibes

A journey into dark corners of the web, the law, and the psyche.

"In this time of deepfakes, AI and general fakery, some people find it hard to know if they're even real themselves or living in a simulation. Perhaps a simulation where the theme is cyberpunk with smokey rooms where hyper intelligent computer hackers hang out.

What if you were in a Matrix? Did that cat walk by you once or twice? Deja vu or glitch in the Matrix? When you inspect closer, there are glitches. The seams come apart. Bugs in the system. Sometimes, the only way to really know if something's real is to touch it.

Most of the time, that dispels the illusion. But not always. The truth is in there. In the mainframe. It must be hacked. It's your dark job to do. Now, even if things seem really real to you as you sit and read this text, what if the coders of reality have figured out how to simulate it being... Tactile?"

Tactile Keys
Can you obtain the security keys before time runs out?

"You are tasked to isolate yourself for a month to do what's neccessary. Few people to trust. Many security protocols to breach. Different firewalls to circumvent.

Even a keyboard warrior doesn't go to war without a reason. Good that at least you don't have to face anyone in a physical fight. That wouldn't be your game. Your game is the code. Opening the ports. The doors need to come open for retrieving information.

You tap your keys impatiently as the screen flickers and comes to life. This keyboard has a nice feel to it. Each press has a satisfying metallic click sound. You could type for hours on end. It becomes a meditation to think and write the most efficient code to get into the target systems.

Click, clickety clickety. Forget the stroke of the pen. The keyboard keystroke is where the power lies nowadays."

Tactile Keys
Each track has unique embedded art.

A departure from my chiptunes, Tactile is a soundtrack meant for a non-existant hacking game conceptualized by Stephen H. with the same name. This is also the reason some songs end a bit strangely: those tracks were made to loop.

I hope you all enjoy some moody cyberpunk vibes, some upbeat vibes and some goofy vibes!


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- Magnus, June 2023

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